What is Need Assessment

Domain 1: Need Assessment

    What is Need Assessment

  •            While discussing about PBA certification, first step for business analyst is need assessment can be the process of gathering and examining information to attain correct picture of the environment around you. Need assessment identifies current internal and external environment, their capabilities of organization to identify various solution which would help the organization meet to meet future state. Here Business Analyst identifies opportunities, threats and requirement for business improvements.

               In order to identify the business environment and address either current business problem or opportunity, need assessment is performed. It is requested by stakeholders to determine project or program initiation by business analyst where program is a group of related projects, subprograms and program activities managed to obtain benefits.

               Need assessment is performed pre-project activities undertaken before program or project work begins. During assessment, determine external factors such as corporate merger, large percentage loss in market share which might impact on project .Gap analysis used to analyze and compare actual performance of organization against expected or desired performance.

               While conducing need assessment, it is important to assess stakeholder since stakeholder also impact in business analysis .Stakeholders are group or organization affected by or perceive for decision making, activity or outcome of project. Stakeholders are identified during need analysis, such as Sponsor is the person responsible for initiating the project and stakeholder’s articulate and support financial solution and implement solution.

               RACI model is adopted to identify affected stakeholders for needs assessment where RACI model explains about responsibility assignment matrix.





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