System Logs

Analyze and store logs

    System Logs

  •          •  Authorization Log

             •  Daemon Log

             •  Debug Log

             •  Kernel Log

    Authorization Log:

               The Authorization Log shows usage of authorization systems. This log file is located at /var/log/auth.log. This log file is used for user login information. The grep command is used to cut down the volume.

    For example:

    To see information in the Authorization log sshd logins, use this command:

    grep sshd /var/log/auth.log | less

    Daemon Log:

               A daemon is a program that runs background and maintains the daemon program for proper running of your system. The daemon log is /var/log/daemon.

    Debug Log:

               The debug log provides detailed debug messages from the Linux system. The debug log is placed at /var/log/debug.

    Kernel Log:

               The Kernel log provides detailed log messages from the Ubuntu Linux kernel. The kernel log is at /var/log/kern. These log messages are used for trouble-shooting a new kernel.

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