Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Domain III Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

  • A stakeholder engagement domain contains 9 tasks which is discussed:

    Stakeholder management: people have impact by the project are defined as stakeholder, they can be sponsor, vendors, final customers. The project team is considered stakeholders in traditional project.

    Knowledge sharing: In agile project, sharing knowledge between teams, customer and community are the key aspects to complete the project.

    Active listening: According to agile principle, listening can be classified as internal listening, focused listening and global listening.

    Participatory decision models: decision making in teams should be simple and make team members to be involved.

    Definition of Done: Done is the word used in agile projects, where given features is completed based on stakeholder’s expectation.

    Workshop: For stakeholder’s participation, the workshops are encouraged in agile project o reduce the risk.

    Conflict resolution: conflict can be resolved by two types such as confronting states open conversation in teams and collaboration is mutually working together.

    Project charter: It is the first documentation to help kicking off the project formally. The project charter explains in details about objectives, vision, mission and background of the project.

    Social media-based communication: Ideas, requirement and feedback are collected from the community.

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