Stakeholder analysis

Domain 2: Planning

    Stakeholder analysis

  •             Stakeholder's analysis is the technique to determine key people involved in business and supporting business for success of the project as stated.

                             •  Identify stakeholders 

                             •  Prioritize your stakeholders 

                             •  Understand your key holders

                Stakeholder analysis conducted during planning phase to understand stakeholder’s impacts and influences on the business analysis process. In early stage in planning, list of stakeholder is identified but later on stakeholder list is maintained.

                Project manager performs stakeholder analysis to understand the impact of stakeholder in the project work. Here, business analyst collects the result and determines stakeholder impact in business analysis process.

                Before conducting business analysis process, PBA identifies number of stakeholders involved in the project.

                Collaboration point is the process where project managers and business analysts work together on stakeholders analysis varies by organization in order to avoid duplication of effort and to make project as well as product more efficient.

                Collaboration allows narrow down stakeholder classification, their experience and skill on project or product.

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