Scaling Scrum

Scaling Scrum

    Scaling Scrum

  • Scaling Scrum-introduction

    In a scrum team there are six to ten members in scrum project which might be small project. The scrum project are effective in large projects, if the scrum team exceeds ten numbers, multiple scrum team are formed.

    The scrum process coordinates among scrum team enables effective implementation in larger projects. The logical approach of guidelines and principles in scrum framework are used to manage any size of the project and organization.

    In large projects they have multiple scrum team working same as to facilitate the flow of information and enhance communication.

    The scrum teams are represented in meeting and objectives to give the information about progress of project and challenges faced during the project and activities coordinating in projects.

    Factors influencing in scrum projects are,

         •   Amount of inter-dependency

         •   Size of the project

         •   Level of complexity in the project

         •   Feedback from scrum guidance body

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