Safety and Health Risks Management

Risk Management

    Safety and Health Risks Management

  •           Workplace accidents negatively impact bottom line in many ways where they reduce productivity since an injured employee should be given time to recover from an injury where injury rate might increases insurance costs and employees understand the management unconcerned about their safety and maximize turnover. By preventing accidents from the top where it give safety actions and disciplining employees fail to comply with procedures.

              Employers develop effective safety-management programs with safer work environment for their employees. It describes the method to report accidents which has to be notified and time frames about the notification occur.

    Injury and illness prevention programs in PHR

              Injury and illness prevention plans (IIPP) are required by OSHA and structured to protect employees from preventable workplace injuries and illnesses. It describes these plans where some elements are present in all plans and others are related only to individual plans where OSHA required following plans;

                   •  Safety and health management plan (also known as an injury and illness prevention plan)

                  •  Emergency action plan (also referred to as an emergency response plan)

                 •  Fire-prevention plan

              OSHA plan standard need minimum where employer defines preferred method for reporting fires and other emergencies ,an evacuation policy and procedure and floor plans or plan maps defines escape procedures and assign evacuation routes.

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