Risk Management concept

Risk Management

    Risk Management concept

  • Managing Legal Compliance Risks 

              In management team, HR function guides complying employment laws and regualtion.HR establish complaints policies and procedures which is responsible to ensure members of the management team aware of laws and regulations governs employment practices and potential costs to the organization fails to comply.

    Americans with Disabilities Act

              Based on PHR context, documenting the steps in this process demonstrates employer's good-faith participation involves in an interactive process to provide a reasonable for disabled employee. Some of the employers develop accommodation request forms to facilitate this process:

                   •  Employee Requests an Accommodation 

                   •  Employee Obtains Physician Certification 

                   •  HR Obtains a Supervisor Response 

                   •  HR Facilitates a Meeting with Employee and Supervisor 

                   •  Management Review 

                   •  Employee Appeal Process 

    Work-Life Discrimination

              In work-discrimination, risks have to be managed into two ways where first way is to reduce costs result from employee distractions caused by family responsibly. Second way is to reduce the likelihood of caregiver discrimination lawsuits.

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