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    Product Backlog Scrum

  • Product backlog is the list provides requirements in the product and it would be the single source of requirement for any changes occur to the product. The product owner has responsibility on product backlog, its specification, availability and order of the content. The product backlog doesn’t have complete instruction and it is dynamic. The product backlog explains about the changes occurs based on requirement in the initial stage. Till the product is in live state, the product backlog also in live stage.

    The product backlog describes about the features, functions, requirements and classification whenever there is change in product for future releases and it encompass the description of the attribute, listing of the attribute and estimation of the attribute. The product backlog size would be large when the product gets value and gets good feedback from market. If there is any change in environment of business, market conditions and technology, there would be changes in product backlog.

    Multiple scrum teams works for similar product whereas one backlog is to describe the product future. Apart from product artifacts, product backlog refinement are seen in artifact concepts where it is the task of adding details, estimates, order contain in product backlog. During refinement, the items are reviewed and refined for further development. Product backlog are categorized into higher ordered and lower order backlog items where higher order contains clearly described items than lower order.

    The product backlog occupied by development team for upcoming sprint where the sprints are listed and refined based on order. Those refined sprint are categorized as “Done” within sprint time-box. Those “Done” sprint are send to “Ready” for selection in sprint planning .The product owner influences on scrum development team for better understanding trade-offs and the people involved in the process.

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