Plan Procurement-Outputs

Project Procurement Management

    Plan Procurement-Outputs

  • Procurement Management Plan

              Procurement management plan describes the procurement process are to be carried out. Procurement management plan includes identifying the procurement needs, types of procurement documents to solicit bids from sellers and seller’s responses, authority, roles and responsibilities of the project procurement team, acceptance criteria, and contract closure.

    Procurement Statement Of Work

              Procurement Statement of Work is derived from the project scope statement.WBS and the WBS dictionary and defines the scope of the work for a related procurement contract. In addition to the scope of work, it includes project objectives, specifications for the products or services being procured, project schedule and any other detail needed by the seller to be able to deliver the products or services. 

    Procurement Documents

              Procurement documentation includes the procurement contract, work performance information, warranties, financial information, inspection and audit results, supporting schedules and approved and unapproved changes.

    Source Selection Criteria

              Source selection criteria are used to score seller proposals as part of the procurement process. The criteria could be objective. Source selection criteria is generally specified as part of the procurement documents. Examples of source selection criteria include life cycle cost, technical capability of the seller, past performance of sellers, references and intellectual property rights.

    Make or Buy Decisions

              Make or Buy decision documents the decision taken regarding what project products, services or results will be acquired from outside the project and which ones will be performed internally. It includes justification for the decisions.

    Change Requests

              The Requested Changes are request to expand or reduce project scope, to modify policies or procedures, to modify project cost or budget, or to revise the project schedule

    Project Document Updates

              Project document updates include the procurement management plan. Activities that are required to effectively engage stakeholders are explicitly added to the project document.

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