Navigating between Adobe Bridge and your computer

Chapter-1 Managing Assets Using Adobe Bridge

    Navigating between Adobe Bridge and your computer

  • The Adobe Bridge consists of workspace divided in to 4 main areas;

      1. Main menu bar

      2. Toolbar

      3. Window panes

     4. Content view controls

    Navigating between Adobe Bridge and your computer

    1. Main menu bar:

    The adobe bridge main menu bar utility a window panes area.

    The adobe bridge main menu bar included below the tools;

        File Edit, View, Stacks, Label, Tools, Window, and Help.


    File tools allow you to create folders, move files, import files, and view file information.


    Edit tools allow you to select and copy files, duplicate files, and rotate files.


    View tools allow you to sort files, preview mode change to full screen, and start a slide show.


    Stack tools allow you to convert multiple images into one group of image.


    Label tools allow you to add, remove and change labels. This tool also helps to rate the files.


    Tools allows you to interact with photo shop, manage metadata templates and  caches of files.


    This tool allows you to control which windows are displayed in the window panes. This menu helps you to quickly switch between workspaces in Bridge.


    Help tools provides access to online support for bridge as well as helps to update Adobe Bridge.

    2. Toolbar:

    The adobe bridge Tool bar included below the tools;

    Navigation tools, Import/export tools, Workspace selection, Search, Thumbnail options, Sort and filter,Rotation, File and folder control.


    Navigation tools:

    Navigation tools help you to find files using shortcuts for file system   The Navigating right and left arrow allows navigating forward and backward through previous navigations. The navigating down arrow allows to favorite locations or one of the subfolders in the current path. The Navigation bar selects any folder to go back to that level.

    Import/export tools:

    The Import/export tools  provides you to import a file from a camera, open a file in Camera Raw format, and batch rename and output files convert to PDF or web.

    Workspace selection:

    The Workspace selection helps you to quickly access the  work space using bridge as well as helps to switch between tabs .


    The search tool helps you to find the files using file names.

    Thumbnail options:

    The Thumbnail options help you to configure how Bridge builds thumbnails to display in the content pane.

    Sort and filter:

    The Sort and filter buttons helps you to sort files by name, filter files by rating, and labels.


    The Rotation buttons helps you to rotate images 90 degrees to the left or right.

    File and folder control:

    The File and folder control helps you to create and delete folders (or) files.

    3. Window panes:

    The window panes consist of 5 different panes in which each window pane can contain one or more panel.  You can add or remove by selecting or deselecting them in the Window menu.

    The adobe bridge window panes included below the tools;










    4. Content view controls:

    Using this control you can view the files in the way you wanted to display in windows panes using some control option as follows.

    Content view controls

    Thumbnail size slider

    View as thumbnails

    Lock thumbnail grid

    View as details

    View as list

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