Marginal Cost of Capital

Corporate Finance

    Marginal Cost of Capital

  •        The marginal cost of capital is the cost of the last dollar of capital raised, essentially the cost of another unit of capital raised. As more capital is raised, the marginal cost of capital rises.

            With the weights and costs given in our previous example, we computed ABC co's weighted average cost of capital as follows:

    WACC = (wd)(kd)(1-t) + (wps)(kps) + (wce)(kce)

    WACC = (0.4)(0.07)(1-0.4) + (0.05)(0.021) + (0.55)(0.12)

    WACC = 0.084, or 8.4%

       We originally determined the WACC for ABC co to be 8.4%. ABC co's cost of capital will remain unchanged as new debt, preferred stock and retained earnings are issued until the company's retained earnings are depleted.

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