Identify Risks

Project Risk Management

    Identify Risks

  •           Project Risk identification is the most important process in the Risk Management Planning. Identify Risks is the determining which risks may affect the project and documenting their characteristics.

    Identify Risks-Inputs

                   •  Risk Management Plan

                   •  Cost Management Plan

                   •  Schedule Management Plan

                   •  Quality Management Plan

                   •  Human Resource Management Plan

                   •  Scope Baseline

                   •  Activity Cost estimates

                   •  Activity Duration Estimates

                   •  Stakeholder Register

                   •  Project Documents

                   •  Procurement Documents

                   •  Enterprise Environmental Factors

                   •  Organizational Process Assets

    Identify Risks-Tools and Techniques

                   •  Documentation Reviews

                   •  Information Gathering Techniques

                   •  Brain storming

                   •  Delphi Technique

                   •  Interviewing

                   •  Root cause Analysis

                   •  Checklist Analysis

                   •  Assumption Analysis

                   •  Diagramming Techniques

                   •  Cause and Effect Diagrams

                   •  System or Process flow charts

                   •  Influence diagrams

                   •  SWOT Analysis

                   •  Expert judgment

    Identify Risks-Outputs

                   •  Risk Register

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