Control Procurements -Tools and Techniques

Project Procurement Management

    Control Procurements -Tools and Techniques

  • Contract Change Control System

              Contract change control system is used to establish a formal system for submitting contract change requests during control procurements. It should cover of the project process description and information about how changes will be managed and problems resolved as well as defining authority levels.

    Procurement Performance Review

              It is a structured review of the seller's progress to deliver products or services in line with the contract. Procurement performance review objective is to make a judgment about seller's requirements, scope,cost,time and quality targets.

    Inspections and Audits

              Either the buyer or a designated third party will inspect the vendor’s work, and perform audits to check for any deficiencies. 

    Performance Reporting

              Performance Reporting provides details about how effectively the seller has achieving the objectives. This can be done through simply reviewing a contractors status report, face to face performance reviews, on-site inspections and contract audits.

    Payment Systems

              Payments to the seller are representatively processed by the accounts for payment systems of the buyer after certification of work by a given authority person on the project team. All payments should be made and put forward in support in solid agreement with terms of the written agreement.

    Claims Administration

              Requested changes to the contract that cannot be agreed are called claims, disputes or appeals. Claims administration involves documenting, monitoring and managing changes to the contract.

    Record Management System

              This is an organized system for contract documentation, tools, procedures, and policies and is vital during the control procurements process.

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