Continuous improvement (Product, Process, People) Tasks

Domain VII Continuous improvement (Product, Process, People)

    Continuous improvement (Product, Process, People) Tasks

  • Continuous integration is used to merge new codes as early as practicable. It avoids code conflicts and reduces risks of incompatibility. The typical setup used for continuous integration doe source code warehouse, check-out and check-in process and automated build process.

    Continuous improvement is used for process improvement and self-assessment for improves product in Deming’s PDCA cycle.

    In testing task, exploratory testing to find out how software works and handle difficult and easy case in the software project. Usability testing is the special type of exploratory testing of software.

    Learning cycle: In agile software development, little known about end product deliver the maximal value in the end. It is t understands for each retrospective or review is an opportunity to learn.

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