Conduct Procurement

Project Procurement Management

    Conduct Procurement

  •           Conduct Procurements is the process of obtaining seller, selecting a seller and awarding a contract in response. The activities that need to take place during the conduct procurements process are:

                   •  Issue the bid package to potential Sellers

                   •  Hold bidder conferences 

                   •  Evaluate potential seller proposals 

                   •  Select the winning seller proposal

    Conduct Procurement -Inputs

                   •  Procurement Management Plan

                   •  Procurement Documents

                   •  Source Selection Criteria

                   •  Seller Proposals

                   •  Project Documents

                   •  Make or Buy Decisions

                   •  Procurement Statement of Work

                   •  Organizational Process Assets

    Conduct Procurements-Tools and Techniques

                   •  Bidder Conferences

                   •  Proposal Evaluation Techniques

                   •  Independent Estimates

                   •  Expert Judgment

                   •  Advertising

                   •  Analytical Techniques

                   •  Procurement Negotiations

    Conduct Procurement-Outputs

                   •  Selected Sellers

                   •  Agreements

                   •  Resource Calendars

                   •  Change Requests

                   •  Project Management Plan Updates

                   •  Project Document Updates

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