Communications Management

Project Communication Management

    Communications Management

  •           Project managers give more importance on making sure that stakeholders are understood in terms of their communications needs. Project manager should communicate about project status updates, minutes of meetings, reports on deliverables to the stakeholders.

    Importance of Communications Management

              Communication plays a vital role in a project. Project manager is in charge for all aspects of communication. Understanding the purpose of the project communication plan helps a manager realize the plan's goals.


              The project communication plan sets the standards for communications when and where it should be delivered. Communication plan maintains control of the project and ensure all stakeholders receive the necessary information.Set standards for how participants communicate, including email, meetings, phone calls and memos. For regular communication such as meetings, timing is another consideration. Schedule weekly project meetings to keep participants updated on progress.


              A standard communication plan increases the consistency of the project.The participants who follow the plan should communicate consistently with one another. Project manager should need to ensure that all stake holders have the same information on the project requirements and changes.


              Proper daily communication allows the team members working on the project to increase productivity.When team members are kept in the loop on project happenings team members will do their duties properly and comfortably.Team members are equipped with necessary information to keep working rather than spending time to find out the missing information.Team members can do work together with proper communication,allowing for collaboration and effective performance on the project.


              A perfect project plan leads to the project team to the desired project output. Without proper communication with all stakeholders project manager might fail to meet the requirements of the project. Project manager should need clear communication from the stakeholders to figure out exactly what they want and need from the project.

    Project Communication Management includes the below three processes

                   •  Plan Communications Management

                   •  Manage Communications

                   •  Control Communications

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