Close Project or Phase –Tools and Techniques

Project Integration Management

    Close Project or Phase –Tools and Techniques

  • Expert Judgment

        A Project manager that is responsible for monitoring and controlling the project work, then it is their judgment than is needed to weigh the evidence of project performance so that this can be evaluated and if necessary take appropriate corrective action. 

    Analytical Techniques

    Analytical techniques are applied in project management to forecast potential outcomes based on possible variations of project or environmental variables and their relationships with other variables.

    These include:

    Regression analysis

    Grouping methods

    Causal analysis

    Root cause analysis

    Forecasting methods

    Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)

    Fault tree analysis (FTA)

    Reserve analysis

    Trend analysis

    Earned value management (EVM)

    Variance analysis


    Meetings will focus on closeout procedures and lessons learned for future projects. 

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