Business Evaluation

Domain 5: Evaluation method in business

    Business Evaluation

  • Purpose of evaluation             

    Evaluation gives input to go/no-go business and technical decisions for entire solution or segment on it. When the project uses iterative or adaptive life cycles and for multi-phase project using life cycles and evaluation may determine a point of diminishing returns. Evaluation of implemented solution can be used to identify new or changed requirements leads to solution refinement or new solutions. Identification and definition of evaluation supports other analysis activities.

    Recommended mindset for evaluation

                  Evaluation is associated with the end of predictive lifecycles which can be iterative or adaptive life cycles. Evaluation may be associated with the end of time segment. If an evaluation criterion is identified in early stage of business planning, it can be applied to project in progress and gives input into development of test strategies, test plans and test cases. 

                  Adaptive life cycles define acceptance criteria as part of the elaboration of user story where user story and acceptance criteria support each other. Early test specifications provide clarity to requirements, regardless they are specified. In order to specify evaluation criteria in an excellent way is functional and non-functional requirements.

                  Goals and objectives traced among user story and acceptance criteria support them to provide candidate metrics for evaluation. Business analyst, project managers and testers have to work together to create consistent and complementary approaches for analysis, testing and evaluation activities.

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