Application Model in j2me

Chapter 5 - Application Model, Delivery, Lifecycle, and Provisioning

    Application Model in j2me

  • Application Model:

              In application model, where on making a Push to talk call, and the call does not get any callers phone being busy in another call, busy in packet data, switched off or not in coverage.

              The java appplication installed in the callers phone should send out of a sms, automatically to the called number. The number to send the SMS is taken from the phone book for the called number.

              Create a form called send sms and added commands to exit and send.

              On clicking the send the control goes to public void sendit(String paramString1, String paramString2).Creates a connection and creates an empty msg of type text.Then added the text that has to be sent and the pass that in the url of the address.

     public void startApp()
       this.display = Display.getDisplay(this);
       this.form = new Form("send sms");
       this.text = new TextField("number", "", 256, 0);
       this.send = new Command("send", 4, 1);
       this.exit = new Command("exit", 3, 2);
     public void pauseApp()
     public void destroyApp(boolean paramBoolean)
     public void commandAction(Command paramCommand, Displayable
    paramDisplayable) {
       if (paramCommand == this.exit) {
       if (paramCommand == this.send) {
         this.number = this.text.getString();
         System.out.println("in loop" + this.number);
         this.message1 = "please call me back";
         sendit(this.message1, this.number);
     public void sendit(String paramString1, String paramString2)
       this.phoneNumber = paramString2;
       this.message = paramString1;
       StringBuffer localStringBuffer = new StringBuffer(20);
       String str = "sms://" + paramString2 ";
       this.form2 = new Form("");
       MessageConnection localMessageConnection = null;
         localMessageConnection = (MessageConnection);
         TextMessage localTextMessage =
         this.form2.append("message sent");
       catch (Exception localException) {
         this.form2.append("phone number" + str + localException.getMessage());

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