Risk Management - Question and Answer

Q & A - Risk Management - Question and Answer

Risk Management Question and Answer

  • 1.

    A manufacturing company is having issues with unauthorized access and modification of the controls operating the production equipment. A communication requirement is to allow the free flow of data between all network segments at the site. Which of the following BEST remediates the issue?

    AImplement SCADA security measures.

    BImplement NIPS to prevent the unauthorized activity.

    CImplement an AAA solution.

    DImplement a firewall to restrict access to only a single management station.

  • 2.

    Which of the following BEST defines the term e-discovery?

    AA product that provides IT-specific governance, risk management, and compliance.

    BA form of reconnaissance used by penetration testers to discover listening hosts.

    CA synonymous term for computer emergency response and incident handling.

    DA process of producing electronically stored information for use as evidence.

  • 3.

    A technician states that workstations that are on the network in location B are unable to validate certificates, while workstations that are on the main location A’s network are having no issues. Which of the following methods allows a certificate to be validated by a single server that returns the validity of that certificate?





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