PMP Certification Exam changing in January 2016


PMP Certification Exam changing in January 2016

PMP Certification Exam changing in January 2016

Project Management Institute, the organization which conducts the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam has announced their current exam will change in January 2016 and only the new version of the exam will be available after January 11, 2016. It is important to note that PMP is the most popular Project management certification across the world and is a preferred accreditation expected from project managers by hiring organizations.

Why Changes?

According to PMI, the changes to exam and the curriculum for the certification exam is based on the changes in the industry and the changes are made to reflect the current best practices in the project management profession. Generally PMI updates Project Management Professional certification exam every three to five years based on a study it conducts called Role Delineation Study (RDS).This study examines the role of project manager, the key competency areas required for project manager and is validated by the industry.

Here is a brief overview of the changes that is coming in January.

Domain 1 Initiating the Project3 tasks added – task 2, task 7, task 8

Domain 2 Planning the Project1 task added – task 13

Domain 3 Executing the Project2 tasks added – task 6, task 7

Domain 4 Monitoring and controlling the project2 tasks added – task 6, task 7

Domain 5 Closing the projectNo new tasks added

Entire changes to the PMP Certification Exam content outline can be found in the link below

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