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What is PHR?

What is PHR certification?

The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification is offered by HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute).Other than PHR certification HRCI offers SPHR certification (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and GPHR certification (Global Professional in Human Resources) for Senior HR professional with more experience.

PHR Certification is for HR professional to demonstrate their knowledge in all the operational aspects of HR management. PHR Certification provides a professional credential for the HR professional. PHR Certification is certifications meant for entry level HR professionals and below are the eligibility requirement needed to get certified. 

PHR Certification Eligibility Requirement

•HR Professionals with Master’s degree needs a minimum of 1 year professional experience in a HR position.

•HR Professionals with Bachelor’s degree needs a minimum of 2 years professional experience in a HR position.

•HR Professionals with a High School Diploma needs a minimum 4 years professional experience in a HR position.

PHR Certification Exam Format

To become PHR certification other than having the required eligibility the candidates have to pass the certification exam provided by HRCI.

PHR Certification exam is a computer adaptive test and have 175 questions which have to be answered in 3 hours.

PHR Certification exam cost is $400 which includes application fees also.

PHR Certification Credentials Validity and Renewal

PHR Certification credentials earned by a HR professional are valid for 3 years. After 3 years the PHR credentials can be renewed by earning 60 professional development credits and by reappearing for the certification exam.

Why PHR certification?

There are many reasons why PHR certification can benefits you professionally as well as personally,

•With PHR certification you can prove to current or future employer that you have the knowledge, experience and skills in HR management which is necessary to perform the operation of a professional human resources management job.

•According to HRCI survey the demand of HR professional is growing in coming years and a professional certification in HR field such as PHR can provide added advantage in the job market for a growing profession. 

•As the human resource profession keep on evolving with more and more HR enterprise systems such as PeopleSoft, Workday or SAP , HR professionals have more and responsibilities within their organizations. So there is a need for HR professionals to stay update with the latest best practices within the HR community. Getting an industry recognized HR certification Such as PHR helps the professional to stay updated in HR practices.

•Also more and more organizations are looking to hire HR professionals with professional certifications and many of the job profiles now requires certifications such as PHR. 

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