Is TOGAF Certification Worth it? Articles Is TOGAF Certification Worth it? Articles


Is TOGAF Certification Worth it?

Is TOGAF Certification Worth it?

         TOGAF is the Enterprise Architecture Development Methodology developed by The Open Group. First to understand if TOGAF Certification is worth it we have to understand how and who uses TOGAF Architecture Framework.

         According to Open Group more than 80% of the world’s leading enterprises have adopted TOGAF as the architecture framework and development method.Even though this claim could be true, but architecture development methodology very complex and requires considerable commitment from the organizations to implement it across their organization for all architecture development and in most of the organization it is still in its infancy. 

Among the frameworks for architecture development available such as Zachman Framework, the Federal Enterprise Architecture and Gartner, TOGAF is the most popular one in the market. TOGAF is widely recognized by many leading organization as the go to architecture framework especially many of the large software and IT consulting organization such as SAP, Oracle, HP, Cap Gemini, etc. have accepted TOGAF as their leading architecture framework.

Considering its growing popularity and adoption, if you are an architect or striving to be one TOGAF Certification would be the best choice among the vendor neutral enterprise architecture certification available for architects.  

SAP EAF and related SAP courses like SOA200 and SOA250 are also based on TOGAF so if you are planning to do SAP Enterprise Architecture certifications (associate or professional) you must have in-depth understanding of TOGAF and it may be useful to do TOGAF Certification before SAP Enterprise Architecture.

TOGAF Certification Numbers

           Number of people who have taken TOGAF certification is constantly increasing and it is the most popular Architecture Development certification. Currently as of August 2015 there are more than 46000 are TOGAF 9 Certified. You can see in the below graph of the constant growth of the number of people who are TOGAF certified. These numbers provided are for TOGAF 9 Certifications only and did not consider the now outdated TOGAF 8 Certifications.

TOGAF 9 Certified   - 32366

TOGAF 9 Foundation – 13745

Total of all TOGAF 9 Certifications –46111 (As of August 2015) Source:

TOGAF Certification Cost

           •  Cost of TOGAF Foundation Certification Exam - $320

           •  Cost of TOGAF Certified Exam - $320

           •  Cost of TOGAF Combined Exam - $495

Number of Jobs requiring TOGAF Certifications (August 2015)

           •  Dice - 209 Jobs

           •  Indeed– 1261 Jobs

           •  Simply Hired–1792 Jobs

           •  Linkedin – 390 Jobs

Who should do TOGAF Architecture Certification?

           •  Enterprise Architect

           •  Data Architect

           •  Business Architect

           •  Infrastructure Architect

           •  Architecture Consultants

           •  IT Transformation Experts

           •  Security Architects

           •  Network Experts

           •  Solution Architects

           •  Whoever else makes architecture decisions in the organization such as CTO, Managers, etc.


          TOGAF Certification is worth if you want to be an architect or already an architect. Especially TOGAF will be very useful if you work for a large organization or want to work for one since most likely vendor neutral Enterprise Architecture is practiced more in large organization than in small organization that tend to have their architecture based on one software vendor or provider. Another important thing to remember is TOGAF Certification only provides the validation that you have knowledge in Enterprise Architecture but it is important to have experience in Enterprise Architecture to be considered as an architect or to get hired as an architect in a large reputed organization. Also sometimes it may be added benefit if you can get additional certifications such as ITIL, SAP Enterprise Architecture or Cisco Certified architect based on the software you work with or the industry you work with. But TOGAF is considered on

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