How to Prepare for TOGAF Architecture Certification? How to Prepare for TOGAF Architecture Certification?


How to Prepare for TOGAF Architecture Certification?

How to Prepare for TOGAF Architecture Certification?

Who provides TOGAF?

TOGAF is the certification for Enterprise Architects offered by Open Group. Open Group is a consortium that is vendor and technology neutral. Many of the leading IT Organizations and Government agencies are now members of the Open Group and follow its methodology for developing their Enterprise Architecture. Open Group provides standards for Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Management, Real Time and Embedded System, Security and Risk, Service Oriented Architecture, Trusted Technology and UNIX.  Other than providing the above standards and TOGAF Certification, Open Group also provides below Certifications.

Open Group Certified Program

Open Group Certified IT Specialist 

ArchiMate 2 Certification

Open Group Fair Certification

What is covered in TOGAF?

TOGAF Certification tests knowledge in Open Group’s Enterprise Architecture Methodology and Framework – TOGAF. TOGAF Methodology is one of the more popular methodologies in the industry used by Enterprise Architecture to develop Enterprise Architecture. TOGAF Certification currently tests TOGAF 9.1 Version of the TOGAF Methodology.  TOGAF ADM Architecture Development Methodology is the important part of the TOGAF Methodology; it provides a standard methodology that can be used to develop different architecture across different industries. TOGAF ADM is the major area that is tested in the certification. Below is the content outline for TOGAF

Architecture Development Method (ADM)

ADM Guidelines and Techniques

Architecture Content Framework

Enterprise Continuum & Tools

TOGAF Reference Models

Architecture Capability Framework

Two TOGAF Certifications

Two certifications are provided by The Open Group for TOGAF Professionals

1. TOGAF Foundation Certification 

TOGAF Foundation Certification tests the basic knowledge of the TOGAF 9.1 concepts. ADM is the main area that is tested in this certification exam.TOGAF Foundation Certification Exam has 40 questions and you need to get 22 questions (55%) correct to pass the exam. 

2. TOGAF Certified

TOGAF Certified is little bit more advanced than the foundation certification exam and it tests the understanding and application of the TOGAF concepts. This exam has only eight questions in it and is an open book exam. The scoring for this exam is done in a gradient manner the correct answer gets 5 points, the next best gets 3 points, the third best answer gets 1 point and the wrong one gets no points.60% is required to pass the exam.

Both the exams can be taken at the same time and it is cheaper to take the both the exam at the same time. Only TOGAF Certified exam is open book and for TOGAF foundation exam book is not available. But be careful to take the combined exam because even if you pass the TOGAF Foundation exam but fail the TOGAF Certified exam you will not be provided a certification for passing the TOGAF Foundation exam. So if you are not confident of passing TOGAF Certified exam my suggestion would be to opt for separate exams so that at least you get the certificate for passing TOGAF Foundation exam in case you failed the TOGAF Certified exam. 

How to prepare for the TOGAF Certification?

Typical preparation time for TOGAF Certification is 2 Months if you spend 6-10 hours a week for preparation. The best resource for preparation for TOGAF is the study Guides by Rachel Harrison sold by The Open Group.

TOGAF Foundation Study Guide provides detail explanation of each concepts of the TOGAF methodology and has sample questions at the end of each chapter. Studying TOGAF Foundation Study Guide is enough for passing the TOGAF Foundation Certification Exam. Most of the test takers find the foundation test quite manageable if you study all the concepts and practice the questions in the guide.

TOGAF Certified Study Guide provides advanced topics required for the TOGAF Certified exam and have sample questions too. For passing the TOGAF Certified exam it is very important to understand the concepts of TOGAF especially how to use ADM for Enterprise Architecture development.

Both these books and addition materials including practice tests for both exams are available as a pack from the open group store. Click here to go to the Open Group Store page.The current edition for the Study guides is the 3rd edition which has some minor updates from the second edition guides.

There are other books available that can be used such as 

400 TOGAF® 9.1 Level 1 Practice Questions Volume I (TOGAF Level 1 Practice Tests) (Volume 1) by Steve Else

TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam Study Guide: For busy architects who need to learn TOGAF 9 quickly by Kevin Lindley

TOGAF Sample Exam Questions by Rania Al-Maghraby ( There are multiple books)

TOGAF 9 Foundation Part 1 Exam Preparation Course in a Book for Passing the TOGAF 9 Foundation Part 1 Certified Exam - The How To Pass on Your First Try Certification Study Guide - By William Manning

TOGAF 9 Foundation Part 2 Exam Preparation Course in a Book for Passing the TOGAF 9 Foundation Part 2 Certified Exam - The How To Pass on Your First Try Certification Study Guide - by William Manning

All the books are good but Study Guide is the most important and is the official book. It is more than enough for passing the certification. 

Many of the classroom training available for TOGAF are quite expensive and I would not recommend it unless it is paid by your company. There are also quite a few online training courses available for TOGAF. 

Tips for Passing TOGAF Foundation Certification Exam

When preparing for the exam make sure you remember all the terms in the study guide. Exam tests the same terminology as in Study guide and many of the terms are similar, so it is very important to understand the difference between different terminology example: what is the difference between Architecture Continuum and Enterprise Continuum or Architecture Continuum and Solution Continuum. 

There will be enough time in the exam so answer the questions slowly and carefully to avoid careless mistakes.

Try elimination to narrow down the options if you are having trouble this will improve your chances of getting the correct answer.

Lookout for negative questions. For example which of the following is not in Solution Continuum?

Practice as many questions as possible 

Questions are very similar to the Practice test available with the Study pack.

Tips for Passing TOGAF Certified Certification Exam

This is an open book exam and the book is a PDF document provided during the test. PDF is not the most user friendly document so it may take some time to find what you are looking for.

Time could be tricky for this exam especially the questions are long, so make sure you have a plan for tackling the questions. 

This exam tests more the understanding of the concepts rather than terminology and definition. If you have experience using TOGAF ADM or understand how to use ADM to develop architecture this exam could be easier than the TOGAF Foundation Exam.

When reading a question make sure you first identify which phases of the ADM process are applicable to the scenario.

There are not that many sample questions available for this exam so use user practice questions wisely and don’t practice before you have prepared well. 

There are also numerous online free resources to prepare for the TOGAF Certification Exams. Below are some of the better ones 

 Learncertification TOGAF Foundation Certification Study Materials, Sample Questions and Practice Tests

Knotion TOGAF Youtube Tutorials– This is a good free tutorial of about 1.5 hours .

Chris Eaton Part 1 Practice Questions

Chris Eaton Part 2 Practice Questions

Techbolo Practice Questions

SetandMBA Practice Questions

OpenArch Practice Questions

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