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TOGAF Syllabus

Part 1 TOGAF 9 Foundation Certification Exam Syllabus

The eleven topic areas covered by the TOGAF 9 Part 1 Foundation Level examination together with the number of questions per area in the examination:

1.     Basic Concepts (3 questions)

2.     Core Concepts (3 questions)

3.     Introduction to the ADM (3 questions)

4.     The Enterprise Continuum and Tools (4 questions)

5.     ADM Phases (9 questions)

6.     ADM Guidelines and Techniques (6 questions)

7.     Architecture Governance (4 questions)

8.     Architecture Views, Viewpoints and Stakeholders (2 questions)

9.     Building Blocks (2 questions)

10.   ADM Deliverables (2 questions)

11.   TOGAF Reference Models (2 questions)


Part 2 TOGAF 9 Certified Exam Syllabus

The eight questions are drawn from the following topic areas:

ADM Phases: Project Establishment (phases Preliminary, A, Requirements Management)

ADM Phases: Architecture Definition (phases B,C,D)

ADM Phases: Transition Planning (phases E and F)

ADM Phases: Governance (phases G and H)

Adapting the ADM

Architecture Content Framework

TOGAF Reference Models

Architecture Capability Framework

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