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1. Managing Assets Using Adobe Bridge

• Navigating between Adobe Bridge and your computer

• Working with metadata

• Organizing collections

• Outputting projects to PDF and for the web

• Automating multiple images in Bridge

2. Using Camera Raw

• Basic single image adjustment

• Selective image corrections

• Batch processing and editing

• Understanding Process Version and workflow options

• Automating multiple images

3. Understanding Photoshop Fundamentals

• Navigating the Photoshop workspace

• Importing and exporting presets

• Resetting sliders and options

• Using tool groups and options

 4. Understanding Selections

• Creating selections using appropriate tools

• Adding and subtracting from selections

• Using Refined Edge

5. Understanding Layers

• Creating and organizing layers

• Understanding the differences between raster and vector layers

• Searching for layers

• Understanding layer groups

• Understanding layer blend modes

6. Understanding Masks

• using Quick Mask usage

• Using clipping Mask 

• Understanding layer masks

7. Editing Images

• Working with the retouching tools

• Using the transform controls

• Using the Puppet Warp

• Using the Clone Source tool

• Creating panoramas

• Using HDR Pro

8. Working with Design and Print Production

• Using character and paragraph styles

• Working with layer comps

• Creating frame based animations

• Working with layer styles

9. Working with Video

• Ingesting video into Photoshop

• Cutting and trimming video

• Creating transitions within clips

• Adding design elements into video

• Exporting and publishing video

10. Outputting for Web, Print, and Mobile

• Differentiating between file types

• Using Save for Web

• Using the Print dialog 

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