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           This course contains the basic element of HTML5 with the javascript. JavaScript is used to create interactive and effective web browser. And also it covers the CSS3 script to designing the web page.

HTML5 (24%)

HTML5 basics

         • Coding using UI Control

         • Implementation of HTML5 API

         • Scope of Objects and Variables

         • Creating OOPs concept

Javascripts (25%)

         • Looping Function

         • Event handling

         • Exception handling

         • Creating callback function

         • Web worker process

Data manipulation (26%)

          • Input validation using HTML5

          • Input validation using JavaScript

          • Introduction of Data consuming

          • Data transmission

CSS3 (25%)

          • HTML text Property

          • HTML Box property

          • Creating Layout

          • Creating animation UI design

          • Finding Elements using JQuery

          • Introduction CSS selector

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