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OCJP(Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE  Programmer) (1Z0-803)

This page maps sections in the Java Tutorials to topics covered in the Java SE Programmer exam.

This exam is associated with the "Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE  Programmer" certificate.

The topics covered in this exam are:

1. Java Basics

2. Working with Java Data Types

3. Using Operators and Decision Constructs

4. Creating and Using Arrays

5. Using Loop Constructs

6. Working with Methods and Encapsulation

7. Working with Inheritance

8. Handling Exceptions

9. Assertions

10. Threads and Concurrency

11. Fundamental classes in java.lang package

12. The Collections Frame Work and Generics

13. File I/O & Serialization

14. Garbage Collection

15. Enum

16. For-Each Loop

17. Var-Arg Methods

18. Auto Boxing & Un Boxing

19. Static Imports

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