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Lesson 1: Introduction and Android Security Architecture


  • Android Security Program Overview and Architecture.
  • Kernel level security (Linux), and rooting Android.
  • Android Application Components.
  • The Application Sandbox.
  • Managers and Services
  • Activity Manager Service.
  • Package Manager Service.
  • Notification Manager Service.
  • Search Manager Service.
  • Connectivity, Telephony, and Wi-Fi Manager Services.
  • Download and Storage Manager Services.
  • Window Manager Service. 


Lesson 2: Android Permission Model and third party applications


  • Android Application Framework Layer.
  • Third party application permissions.
  • Using Protected APIs.
  • Custom Permissions.
  • Android Malware: Prevention, Detection, and Removal.
  • Security Enhanced Android (SE Android). 


Lesson 3: Component Security and Protecting data storage

  • How Android achieves Inter-process communication.
  • Restricting access to Android components.
  • Vulnerabilities of Stored Data.
  • Cryptography and Encryption.
  • Signing your application.


Lesson 4: Client-Server communication security.


  • Threats Facing Devices Transferring Data.
  • Protecting web transferred data.
  • Input Validation.
  • Prevent Command Injection.



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