RHCSA EX 200 Exam Details

About - RHCSA EX 200 Exam Details

RHCSA EX 200 Exam Details

Exam Code:    EX200

Duration:        2.5 hours

Questions:      15 to 18 questions

Passed score:  210 out of 300

Advantages of this RHCSA exam

            You can understand the command-line environments, documentation and also the usage of essential tools for handling files and directories. Manage users and groups. Security management example: firewall, SELinux configuration. Configure the file systems and create file system attributes like permissions, etc.

RE-Appear For The RHCSA Exam

              Once you paid for (RHCSA) EX-200 RHEL7. You have 3 attempts. If you fail, you can attend the exam in next month. 

What Type Of Questions Asked In RHCSA Exam?

               The RHCSA questions are task based similar to the following question

1. Configure a task to run echo learn certification command at 12:45 every day?


# Crontab –e 45 12 * * */bin/echo learn certification


# Crontab –l (verify)

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