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PMI-ACP Exam Information

         Agile is the most growing important topic in project management. In project management, agile technique is neither a technique nor framework to complete the project.

The PMI-ACP identifies individual skills in agile practices in their projects using agile tools and techniques.

PMI-ACP certification provides higher credit as it requires a combination of agile training, experience working on agile projects and examination on agile principles, tools and techniques. It supports individuals in meeting the needs of organization that rely on project practitioners which is applied to their project management.

PMI Agile certified professional illustrates his knowledge and commitment of the project management for progressive growth.PMI Agile practioners shows the professionalism in agile principle, practices, tools and techniques. It provides combination of agile training includes agile principles, knowledge and skills & tools and technique.

The course allows the professionals to pass PMI-ACP exam consists of 120 multiple choice question for 3 hour examination. Project managers, product development professionals and senior product development managers who are having agile practices in their organization can obtain PMI ACP Certification.


The exam content splits into two categories such as, tools and techniques & knowledge and skills and their domains. This breakdown is done to create value for the logical framework for clustering agile concepts.

In PMI ACP,50% of the marks are allotted for tool and techniques questions & 50% of the marks are allotted knowledge and skill on the whole.

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