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CSM-Scrum master

Scrum is an agile method can be applied to any project where it makes process ideal for projects with rapid changes and high emergent requirements and enables to deliver usable software consistently and periodically through a project lifecycle.

Scrum mostly used for iterative approach and the scrummaster removes impediments to facilitate the process in software project, where works with product owner to ensure the product backlog in a proper structure.

Scrummaster looks for value and practices of scum with high performance.

The scrummaster role is to facilitate product development team uses scrum where the team itself self-organizes and make changes whenever required in each sprint. The scrummaster identifies the process and information regarding scrum are exchanged.

In software product development, the team members meet every morning for stand-up for review and restart the project.

Scrums are discussed in daily meetings, the scrummaster review daily tasks for better outcome in the project.

An agile project manager facilitates leadership and communication over traditional command and control activities.

The scrummaster's role is to increase team's effort to achieve goal by removing impediments in its ways.

The advantage of scrum is simple process to efficient to seek pre-condition of the project. Scrum helps the team to plan projects in each parts, ensure to have some deliverables at given stage.

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