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About Six Sigma

In 1970,a Japanese firm collaborated with Motorola firm followed a unique method to provide standard Quality of products to customers.The firm adopted a unique method called as “Six Sigma” for better performance of the firm.As a result, Motorola obtained National Quality Award in 1988. So, the word “Six Sigma” spread all over the world, each firm practices six sigma for multiplying their profits and customer satisfaction. In order to deliver a high standard quality of products every firm spends less than 5 % of revenue on Six Sigma.

In 1987, Motorola adopted Six Sigma concept to minimize the cost and maximize sales to make organization effective. Six Sigma is a disciplined methodology uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve an organization’s performance by identifying and eliminating "defects" in manufacturing and service-related process. Six Sigma has Lean methodology not only to eliminate waste, but making the process or product standard.

Six Sigma is a customer focused, data driven methods for success in business which is applied to minimize the defects, improve designs and process efficiencies.

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